Will Ukraine conflict lead to World War 3…?

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by shawn ozbun on February 28, 2014

One question that is on a lot of people’s mind, is what in the world is happening in the Ukraine? More importantly, why does the EU and the US seem so interested in being involved? The question on my mind, is will the Ukraine conflict lead to World War 3?

The US has warned Russia that a military move on Ukraine would be a grave mistake, but I don’t think Russia’s president Vladimir Putin is going to stand by and watch the Ukraine fall under the control of the west. Putin has already readied 150 thousand troops and they are playing war games on the Ukraine border.

So what’s the interest of the west in the Ukraine anyways? Well according to a report from  www.eurodialogue.org, roughly 25 percent of the European Union’s natural gas comes from Russia, and 80 percent of that gas transits Ukraine. Not only that the Ukraine is facing a sovereign default and they are already having bank runs. According to ZeroHedge, Ukrainians have withdrew 7% of all deposits in just 2 days. This would be a great opportunity for the EU to come along and save the day by bringing the Ukraine into there debt ponzi scheme and gaining complete control over the nation and it’s transits.

So what’s Russia’s interest, despite the obvious, which is that the Ukraine borders their country. Well just take another look at the article from www.eurodialogue.org.

Russia’s interests in Ukraine go beyond the economic sphere. Ukraine is also important for military reasons; the Ukrainian city of Sevastopol is the headquarters for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Ukraine’s strategic location as a borderland between Russia and Europe and its proximity to Russia’s own breadbasket and economic heartland in the Volga region make the country key to Russia’s geopolitical strength and, ultimately, its survival. A strong Russia allied with Ukraine gives Moscow confidence and strength, particularly in dealing with Europe, while a Russia without Ukraine is weak to its core.

It’s really hard to say what exactly is taking place over there in the Ukraine. One thing I can say, is that there is a lot more going on then meets the eye. What’s worst of all, is the suffering that the Ukrainians are going through. They are caught in the middle of a civil war and a tug of war between the East and the West. All these people want, is what every human being want’s. Freedom and liberty. Instead It’s more likely that the Ukraine will end up either being dominated by Russia or by the EU and the United States. Or even worse, this whole Ukraine conflict might just lead to World War 3, which will be horrific for everyone.

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