Stock Market Crash and Dollar Collapse coming soon…?

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by shawn ozbun on February 5, 2014

Is the stock market about to crash? Can we expect a complete dollar collapse in the near future? One thing is for sure, the markets are very unstable and there are many red flags out there suggesting that an economic crisis is under way. The Dow has already fallen more than 1000 points from the peak of the market back in December and the Stock Market in Japan has fallen more then 2300 points. Greg Mannarino recently said in an interview with Greg Hunter,  “Without a doubt, this is going to blow up. . . . I’ve been saying this for years now–we are headed for a pan global financial cataclysm.  That’s a fact

The question remains. Are we going to see a Stock Market crash and a dollar collapse in the near future? I believe the answer is yes. I don’t think it’s a question of if the Stock Market is going to crash or if the dollar is going to collapse. The question is simply, when and how?

Links to articles discussed on today’s show

Fed Rattling Emerging Markets to Keep U.S. Propped Up-Gregory Mannarino

Analyst and stock trader Gregory Mannarino says the market meltdown this week was caused by the Fed and weak economy.  Mannarino says, “We understand there is a dynamic that has been changing here in the market with regard to the Fed’s purchasing mortgage-backed securities and bonds.  This has rattled the emerging markets.  They’re having problems with their currencies . . .  The Federal Reserve has created an environment of distortions.  Read More…

Goldman to Fidelity Call for Calm After Global Stock Wipeout

Panic is making an enemy of telephones for Catherine Yeung, the director for equities at Fidelity Investment Management Ltd. in Hong Kong. “My children hate that BlackBerry,” said Yeung, whose clients have been calling amid two weeks of declines that erased $3 trillion from global stocks. She’s advising calm, noting that profits are rising and shares just got a lot less expensive.  Read More…

The Stock Market In Japan Is COLLAPSING

Did you see what just happened in Japan?  The stock market of the 3rd largest economy on the planet is imploding.  On Tuesday, the Nikkei fell by more than 610 points.  If that sounds like a lot, that is because it is.  The largest one day stock market decline in U.S. history is only 777 points. Read More…

The Dow Has Already Fallen More Than 1000 Points From The Peak Of The Market

That didn’t take long.  On Monday, the Dow was down another 326 points.  Overall, the Dow has now fallen more than 1000 points from the peak of the market (16,588.25) back in late December.  This is the first time that we have seen the Dow drop below its 200-day moving average in more than a year, and there are many that believe that this is just the beginning of a major stock market decline.  Read More…


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