RECORD LOW TEMPERATURES..! Global Warming; real or complete hoax…?

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by shawn ozbun on January 3, 2014

With all these record low temperatures, I think It’s obvious that global warming is nothing more then a hoax to get more control, regulations and suck more tax money from the people.

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Craig G January 4, 2014 at 6:08 pm


If I remember correctly, back in the early 80′s scientists were predicting global cooling, then in the 90′s for some reason it changed to global warming. Do they really have a clue? I think some researchers are just using scare tactics in order to secure funding.

Stay warm.



shawn ozbun January 4, 2014 at 6:10 pm

It’s mostly about convincing the people that they need to pay carbon taxes to save the polar bears. It’s about being able to take complete control over energy. That’s why you see Obama closing down all the coal plants. Then the scientist get government funding to study this crap, so of course they are willing to promote it, because they want to continue to get that government money.


Scott January 5, 2014 at 8:20 am

I don’t buy the whole global warming thing. Can carbon emissions change the weather? I don’t rule it out completely, but there are many other factors that can change the weather. The plant has had changing weather patterns since the dawn of time. The Sahara Desert has shifted between being a desert and a jungle about every 10,000 years. We have had ice ages. Continents are constantly moving.

Carbon taxes are nothing more then a way to bleed the middle class dry. Deregulation, which many people call for isn’t the answer either. I grew around coal country. Acid rain from the coal fired power plants would eat through the paint on cars in just a couple years and half the trees were dead from it. River where my grandfather fished in his youth are now void of life from the mine run-off. The family of a friend of mine owns 15,000 acres of land that is worthless due to the now abandoned coal mines that neighbored the property. You won’t see wildlife there. There are no fish in the streams that runs through there. Half the trees are dead. The wells are contaminated. His family has owned that land since the civil war. When they and the neighbors sued over the contamination, they just closed the mine, filed bankruptcy, and started a new company. The mine is listed as a Superfund site with an estimated cost to clean up of over $100 million.

What we need is common sense regulation. Many people either forget of don’t know why the EPA was created in the first place. I am not so sure the EPA knows any more.


shawn ozbun January 5, 2014 at 2:46 pm

Great points as usual Scott. That really stinks about all that wild life. I’m a huge fan of the woods, hunting and fishing. I hate to hear that all that land is now worthless. Your also right about the carbon taxes. It’s just another reason to bleed us dry and global warming is the hoax there using to do it. Thanks for the comments


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