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Shawn Ozbun is producer of TRUTHFED  powered by Ozbun Medial LLC.


Truthfed is a Website, Podcast and YouTube channel dedicated to the mission of revealing truth about the economy, political corruption, the growing police state, and the reality that we might be living in the end times.

With so many lies spewing out of the mouth of the main stream media, It is now more important than ever for people to take a stand and speak the truth.

Shawn is neither Democrat or Republican. Shawn refuses to be labeled by the lie that is our two party system.

Shawn use to work in sales and as an internet marketer, helping people learn how to blog, podcast and use platforms such as WordPress. You can find his work at www.easytechsite.com, wwww.bloggingwithwordpress.net, and www.ozbunmedia.com.

When Shawn was asked to create and produce a podcast for a precious metals company, everything changed. During research for the show, Shawn realized that the United States economy and the global economy was likely to collapse in the very near future. From that point on Shawn has dedicated his time and life to sharing the truth about the economy, political corruption and world news and events.

Shawn worked for nearly two years covering the precious metals market and the economy on a show called “The SilverTowne Vault Cast.” Now Shawn is on his own covering the economy, trends, precious metals and politics.

Shawn has interviewed experts like Gerald Celente, Michael Snyder, and Greg Hunter. Shawn is a very loud and in your face type of reporter and very passionate about delivering truth and standing for Liberty and Freedom.

Our economy is tanking and America has lost her way. Soon we are going to see the most incredible financial collapse in the history of man kind. It’s ripple will shake the foundations of the entire world. Shawns goal is to make you aware of this, so that you can prepare and be ready!


About Shawn Ozbun






 I believe in taking a stand for what’s right. I believe in speaking the truth even if it makes my voice shake. I believe in absolute freedom. I believe in loving one another and showing kindness and forgiveness to those that hate us. I believe in protecting our families and our children and their right to a future. I believe that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world and rose again from the dead. I believe that Jesus is coming back to set up his kingdom on earth and that his return is near.

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